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What is the cost?

With a successful sale we charge a fee for our marketing efforts. Our fee schedule is very competitive. We feel it is best to evaluate the car, discuss your price idea, consider the market value and then set a fee structure WITH YOU.

Shoot us a quick email 
and we'll evaluate your possiblities. Discretion guaranteed!

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We have been marketing some of the world’s most exciting collector cars for over 20 years and would like to offer our services to you!

When you are ready to let go...
Sometimes that is the hardest decision of them all – deciding to sell a special car that has been with you for many years or that you have simply enjoyed a lot. We understand that it can be an emotional process! But once you have decided to pass your car on – the questions arises on HOW to go about it. 2shores would like to be your partner.

We guarantee our personal attention and full international expertise. Our experience of over 20 years in international markets will ultimately help you to achieve the best result for your collector car. How? With our headquarters in the US and a representation office in Germany we are uniquely equipped to market your special car truly worldwide. The exposure is enormous with an in-depth knowledge of not only the European market landscape, but the language and mentality as well. ‘2shores’ is not just a company name – it is a business philosophy and reflects who we are and how we are positioned in this exciting market.

The Global Market
The collector car market of today is a global one and certain cars are worth more in certain markets. Currency fluctuations also can play a major role. This is where our experience and knowledge pays off for you. We are advertising worldwide, with a strong emphasis on Europe and the US but we also market in Japan, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

Auction House, Online Auction or Classified Ads
Auction Houses present your car to a very limited audience one specific day for a minute or two. With buyer's and seller's premium deducted, most of the time the real winner is the auction house. Classified ads can be very expensive if you are seeking a broad coverage. And as good as they are, you will have to deal with tire-kickers and time stealers. Online auctions are generally catering to the bargain hunter more than the true collector and there is also the risk of scammers and spam produced. Others are open to comments from anybody with bidding results listed, creating an Internet record for eternity for the world to see. Do you want to worry about that?

Marketing with 2shores will present your car to thousands of knowledgeable enthusiasts and collectors all over the world. We take the time necessary to market your car carefully to specific target markets. 

Be smart about it and let us market your collectible automobile to the world!

Please call for more detailed information about our services. 1-530-268-4737

How does it work?
Marketing with 2shores is smart and a straight forward process. 
Our clients typically choose a time frame of 3-6 months. For the duration of our marketing agreement we ask for an exclusive right to present your car to the worldwide market. This is a stipulation we feel necessary as there is nothing more counter-productive to the sale of a car than having it show up from different sources. This includes your own activities as well.

What we need from you

  • 30-50 high resolution photos of the car in digital format, showing the vehicle from all angles, in and out, all compartments and the underside!
  • We will ask you for a complete and thorough description of the car's condition and history, including - and in particular - possible shortcomings if there are any.
  • Additionally, copies of important paperwork such as a certificate of originality, restoration receipts, service receipts and owner's history. The more complete the documentation of a vehicle is, the better it is for the sale.
  • The car and title stays in your possession until you have reached a deal with the buyer!

We look forward to speaking with you!

Marketing your collector car with us is personal, easy and profitable to you. We guarantee excellent and friendly customer service, professional handling and discretion of your privacy. Give us a call or email us to request our agreement form and begin marketing your collector car to a worldwide audience with 2shores Classic Cars. We look forward to hearing from you!


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